Thank you visiting our website. The next course takes place from 23 March- 17 April 2015 and you can apply now.

The application process consists of two steps:

   1. Submitting the online application form underneath with your personal and organisational details;
   2. Downloading the MS Word application form and sending this filled-in form by email to: icd(at)

The deadline for submitting the complete application is 15 March, 2015. Only applications that are complete will be considered. We will inform all applicants about the selection on 18 March, 2015.

Please note that participation in this course requires an active collaborative participation taking at least 10 hours per week for four weeks!

The next course takes place from 17 August to 11 September 2015
Application process open: 6 July
Deadline for application: 9 August

When the application process opens, a registration page can be found here.

Please also visit the website for the Global Education: The Human Rights Dimension course and for the Global Education: The Citizenship Dimension course.

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