The North South Centre

The North-South Centre promotes Policies, Partnerships and Network as well as capacity-building in the field of GE:
  • It works on the development of a European framework for Global Education, and on the recognition of GE by policy-makers (Global Education Congresses and Strategic Recommendations);
  • It provides space for dialogue, in order for experiences to be shared and common priorities to be identified (National and Regional Seminars);
  • It strengthens a network of key stakeholders, at the Global and European levels, with a focus on the new EU Member States (GEW Network);
  • It promotes GE practices and encourage their implementation (Global Education Week).
The capacity-building pillar of the Programme consists in offering guidelines and training courses for educators (from the formal and non-formal sectors), for them to understand and practice Global Education. This learning scheme and networking of GE practices is developed through:
The Joint Management Agreement (JMA) signed between the NSC and the European Commission is essential for the achievement of these goals.

The Network University

The Network University (TNU) is a centre for collaborative learning. TNU is rooted in the University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands. It offers innovative academic courses via the Internet to a worldwide audience of students and professionals. Participants with different professional backgrounds share their experiences in interactive group discussions and assignments. They become co-producers in joint knowledge networks.

TNU's activities are aimed at generating new knowledge and insights and then spreading these throughout the participating networks. These activities include the development and supervision of online courses, online debates, commissioned research, workshops combining online and face-to-face learning experiences and consultancy and strategy development on E-learning.

European Commission

This online course is made possible through the Joint Management Agreement between the European Commission & the North-South Centre of the Council of Europe. This three year Joint Management Agreement signed between the European Commission (Europe Aid) and the North-South Centre aims at strengthening global education in the new member States of the European Union and promoting Africa-Europe youth co-operation in the context of the EU-Africa Strategy, targeting civil society actors and local authorities.

The North-South Centre will be responsible for the implementation of the project in close collaboration with non-state actors and civil society platforms, such as CONCORD and the European Youth Forum. The Global Education on-line training course is developed in the framework of this joint management agreement.